To Valued Customer

Dear Valued Customers,

It is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you here – Fuzhou GHOPTO Technologies Co., Ltd, a high-tech private enterprise specializing in precision optical manufacturing. Here gathers a group of creative people who love the optical business, take the honor of taking on the new needs of customers, and meet the challenges with foresight and wisdom. In the past years, GHOPTO people have won the favor of domestic and foreign markets with continuous focus on the optical industry; they have won the trust of customers by relying on scientific collaboration, rapid feedback operation system and stable product quality. Committed to the optical field, serving customers with excellent quality, and contributing to innovation in photonics is the mission of GHOPTO people. 

Time passes, drawing out new rings, calling for new progress.Today, we are closer, more confident and capable to fulfill the company's mission and vision than at any time in our history.We struggle because GHOPTO is a dream enterprise; we strive for a different century of inheritance.Heart has trust, can travel far, the dream will inspire generations of GHOPTO people to struggle. We firmly believe that with rock-solid confidence, seize the day, perseverance, seize the momentum, the great dream of GHOPTO will be realized.

Welcome to come to us soon to experience the warm products and services of GHOPTO.

Yours Sincerely, 

Jerphy Qiu


GHOPTO Technologies